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VWHDC – Local Plan. What it means for the Greenbelt in Wootton and surrounds

The Vale of White Horse District Council has received the interim findings of the independent Planning Inspector in June on its Local Plan 2031 Part 1. Residents will recollect that during the consultation on Part 1 the Parish Council and local residents strongly objected to a proposal to build 200 houses on Lamborough Hill.

Our objections were successful and the proposed development was deleted from Part 1 of the Plan. However, included in one of the annexes to the Plan were proposals to revise the Green Belt; three sites in Wootton were included and the VWHDC has defended their inclusion as being in line with the National Planning Framework.

The Inspector has deemed that sites which do not currently have a housing allocation should not be included in the Plan and this includes the three sites in Wootton; as a result they have been removed from the Plan. The Inspector has indicated that the VWHDC can carry out a further Green Belt Review in the Local Plan Part 2 and this is currently under consideration by the VWHDC so there is still a possibility that all or some of the Wootton sites could be given a housing allocation and re-instated.

There will be further consultation exercises over the next few months. Wootton Parish Council will be monitoring the situation carefully. Residents can also help by responding to any consultation exercises; details of which will be regularly published on the Vale of White Horse District Council website.