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Surgery Supporters Group

We were all devastated to learn of the final decision to close the Wootton surgery. This will impact on the most vulnerable members of our community and on our much valued pharmacy.

Early in September (to avoid missing those who may be away) we will hold several sessions at the Community Centre when we will help anyone who wishes to move to a different surgery to understand their options and the necessary procedure.

In the meanwhile the problem of getting to and from surgery appointments still remains. If you would like to join a pool of drivers who could help by offering occasional lifts to Wootton patients with transport difficulties please call either 01865 739871, 01865 327819 or 01865 730460. Contact by email dharma@dsl.pipex.com or drop a line to 3 Lashford Lane, Dry Sandford, Abingdon, OX13 6DY.

The last few years have brought the loss of our excellent doctor and our surgery to no good purpose and to the great detriment of our community. Thank you all for the meetings you have attended and the letters and emails you have written.

We are all so sorry that there was not a happier outcome.